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Celebrate Your Love this Valentine’s Day

First comes the sweets, then a bouquet of your partner’s favorite flowers, and finally an engagement ring. If you’re thinking about making this Valentine’s Day one your partner won’t ever forget, reinforcing the message that you want to journey through life with them by your side, don’t delay in contacting a local jeweler as designing a custom engagement ring to surprise your significant other with on the most romantic day of the year takes about three to four weeks.

Schedule a Design Consultation

At Cornelis Hollander, we are here to listen and guide you through the engagement ring design process, from the moment you begin exploring our collection until we deliver the piece that you’ll use to solidify the love you feel for your significant other. That is true whether you’re looking for a heart-stopping ring like the REIN or the understated elegance of the LEF, or an equally stunning design, perfect for a Valentine’s Day proposal. If you have an heirloom piece or loose stone you’d like to repurpose, giving it new life, we can do that too. Get started by scheduling a consultation today.

Narrow Down Their Tastes

Narrowing down your partner’s tastes in fashion will boost your confidence that the engagement ring design represents their unique personality – especially if you’re planning a surprise proposal. Ideally, before your appointment with a local jeweler, browse your partner’s Pinterest for inspiration and pay attention to whether their clothing choices sway towards expressive or classic. Then, share these clues with the designer, allowing the jeweler to discover their fashion preferences and make personalized design recommendations based on the proffered information that, once placed on your partner’s ring finger, will be an extension of their unparalleled sense of style.

Watch as Your Vision Comes to Life

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches – it is Monday, February 14, 2022 – now is an excellent time to schedule a consultation with a local jeweler to begin the design process. Remember, this can take an average of three to four weeks, depending on your design choices. Over these several weeks, we will use computer-aided design to develop a 3D rendering of the piece, allowing you to visualize it from every angle and make any alterations. Once approved, the next step is to cast the ring in your choice of precious metal – gold or platinum, and carefully set the center and accent stones.

After your ring passes a thorough quality inspection, we will apply your desired finish, of which there are several options not limited to polishing and sandblasting. Next, the ring will receive a final inspection before moving on to the final phase, delivery. This last step brings us immense satisfaction as it is the finale of all our hard work. All aspects of the custom engagement ring are indescribable until you’ve held one in your hand. Every Cornelis Hollander creation is special to us, and we are honored to share its significance with you. Contact us today at (480) 423-5000 to get started.

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