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How to Stop Guessing Ring Size

Finding your significant other’s ring size is nothing like how it is portrayed in the movies. It is generally not possible to wander into a jewelry store, pick out a ring, and know without any doubt that it will fit perfectly. Short of sending the lucky individual to the jeweler herself, there may always be a margin of error, although not nearly as great of one had you simply guessed her ring size.

No More Guessing Ring Size

Borrow Existing Rings

One method is to secretly “borrow” an existing ring. If she has several rings in the jewelry box, try to select one that you saw her wear recently on a similarly sized finger. Just keep in mind that fingers on the dominant hand tend to run ½ a size larger. Trace the ring on a piece of paper or take to a local jeweler for sizing. Jewelers will place the ring on a mandrel. The line where it stops indicates size. You can also try the ring on your own fingers and, if it fits, have the jeweler measure that finger. These techniques, however, may possess a margin of error.

Professional Measurement

Send your significant other to a professional jeweler for accurate measurements. Most jewelers have either an adjustable ring sizer or metal sizing gauge at their disposal. You can also purchase your own plastic ring sizer from Etsy for a do-it-yourself approach. Because rings can vary in size from one jeweler to another, consider shopping from the source. Although, she is likely to realize that a proposal is imminent, you can still surprise the lucky recipient with a hand-picked or custom designed engagement ring.

Have the Ring Resized

Miscalculated ring size? Don’t worry too much. Silver, gold and platinum jewelry may be resizable, assuming there is enough metal for the designer to work with. Pavé or eternity settings, in which stones are set all around the band, are generally not resizable though. Depending on the design, rings may be resized up to sizes up or down. Anything more than this will put too much stress on the jewelry. If a ring cannot be resized, it may need to be altered to ensure proper fit.

How Is a Ring Supposed to Fit?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Proper sizing tends to depend on the wearer’s preferences. Of course, you don’t want to risk the ring sliding off during the wearer’s daily activities, or it being too tight. A good rule of thumb is a ring that easily slides over the knuckle, but resists coming off, denotes a proper fit.

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