The Delicate Details in Custom Jewelry

No two people or romances are alike, so why should your jewelry be?

Create an engagement ring, wedding band, or another jewelry piece that speaks to your significant other’s style by being mindful of the details.

Choosing to consult a custom jewelry designer allows you the option of creating a ring from scratch. It is an excellent way to transform heirloom pieces as well.

You will be given the option of selecting the gemstone – along with its cut, clarity, and carat weight, setting, and metal during the design process.

Here are some engagement ring designs to get your creative juices flowing.

Stunning Custom Jewelry Designs


[luhs] noun – a portion of a cold, ribbon, etc., folded or doubled upon itself to leave an opening between the parts.

An unexpected and unusual take on traditional jewelry, this ring highlights the focal point in the middle, which is channel-set between the setting’s loops. A bridge of pave diamonds sits diagonally across the finger while the center stone floats above. Its design symbolizes the love you have witnessed within your partner’s soul. Custom jewelry design allows this ring to be handcrafted with your choice of diamond cut.


[rahyn] adj. – free from anything of a different, inferior, or contaminating kind

A celebration of the elegant and timeless style of a single, dramatic diamond in a four-prong setting, but with the addition of a sparkling profusion of pave diamonds. The ring is covered from the very bottom to the prongs’ tips in micro diamonds to create a ring that stuns no matter which way the wearer turns their hand. It is sure to add to the sparkle in your significant other’s eye.


[byur-kh-te] n. – a large fortified place, often including a town.

A magnificent setting that seamlessly balances design elements that are equally enduring and delicate. An arch of pave diamonds sits below the center stone, held aloft by a precious metal bridge that stretches across the ring. This design is symbolic of the concrete fortress created by abiding love and commitment.

Schedule a Design Consultation Today

Cornelis Hollander has been in the business of making memories for more than 30 years. Our award-winning designer jewelry is flawlessly engineered with bold, beautiful, and sharp lines that either you or your lucky recipient will treasure forever. All designs are crafted to your exact specifications in our local engagement store conveniently located in Old Town Scottsdale.

Our customers often bring in their exceptional gemstone or heirloom jewelry, requesting it be transformed into a more modern designer look, designed to their significant other’s preferences. We are happy to consult with our clients to create their dream piece by phone, email, or in-person during store hours.

Design the perfect piece by speaking with a Cornelis Hollander Jewelry Designer today at (480) 423-5000 or, and be sure to ask about our specials. New customers can enjoy ten percent off new purchases or fifteen percent off jewelry repair for a limited time. Please contact us for more information.

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