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6 Essential Wedding Planning Tips

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Colors! Cakes! Flowers! Venue! There are endless decisions to make when it comes to planning your dream wedding. Thankfully, there are resources you can use, including this blog to help you get started. Now, if only you can peel your eyes away from that gorgeous, custom designed engagement ring your fiancé proposed with.

Here are six essential wedding planning tips to help you get started planning your big day.

Start with a Budget

Let’s face it: Weddings can be expensive. That said, the first task you should complete as a couple is to determine how much this wedding is going to cost you. Budget for the maximum amount you’re able to spend on vendors, venues, food, attire, and decorations. Be sure to set a budget you’ll be able to adhere to throughout the wedding planning process.

According to Cost of Wedding, your total wedding budget should follow this formula: 50% for reception; 16.8% for jewelry, not counting the engagement ring you’re already wearing; 8.5% for photographer and/or videographer; 7.9% for flowers; 7.4% for attire; 3.2% for gifts; 2.8% for invitations; 2.8% for entertainment; and 1% for beauty/spa treatments.

Find Inspiration

Looking to plan your own wedding? If you have a natural love for do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, it is a good idea to begin by visualizing how you will be saying your “I do’s.” There are many available resources, which will ensure your day is truly magical. You can browse Pinterest, leaf through bridal magazines, and/or rely on the advice of friends and family that were former brides for ideas.

Create a Timeline You Can Work With

From the outset, you and your betrothed should establish a firm, but reasonable timeline. Include some general ideas about the type of wedding you want and the venue(s) you would like to reserve for your big day. Map out some dates on a calendar or all-in-one wedding app. This helps take some of the stress off – especially when you may need to make fast decisions due to the potential for competition.

Set a Wedding Date

When it comes to selecting a date, pick one that gives you enough time to save up some money, and plan the wedding of your dreams. Keep in mind the most popular months to get married – June, September, and October – may also be the most expensive as you will likely be competing against other couples. Getting married in January or March, however, might help shave some costs.

Determine Number of Guests

Your guest lists effects many of the decisions you’ll make. Therefore, it’s often a good idea to make sure you and your fiancé are on the same page, before reserving a venue. It’s also a good idea to decide early on whether you want a small intimate wedding or a huge bash. This will ensure that there’s adequate room for everyone – a general rule of thumb is to allow 25 to 30 square feet per guest.

Make Time for Yourselves

Amid wedding planning, you can easily find yourself overwhelmed with making one decision after another, which can lead to reduced energy levels and/or stress. It is important to make time for breaks along the way to give yourselves some much-needed breathing room. You may find that taking a step back can also make a wedding planning problem less challenging.

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