unique engagement ring

5 star ratingMy fiancé proposed to me with a family heirloom ring as a 'stand-in' for THE ring which he wanted me to design/select as we would be using a gorgeous diamond that he had been bequeathed. He had already done some research and really loved the unique designs offered by... read more

Mary M. Avatar
Mary M.

They have always gone above and beyond for us creating unique and one of a kind pieces for our daughters. They are receptive and stand behind their creations. I have several one of a kind rings that were created by Cornelis.

Lana M. Avatar
Lana M.

5 star ratingI love this store. I was able to get my rings cleaned, polished and looking brand spanking new within one hour. I had my wedding ring repurposed into a 25th wedding anniversary ring. I can't stop looking at it. My husband bought me a beautiful necklace... read more

Kathy W. Avatar
Kathy W.

5 star ratingMy husband and I have had nothing short of a positive experience with Cornelis. Both our wedding rings were custom made by Cornelis - and we LOVE them. I also had my pearls restrung and some earrings made - all of which came out perfect! Everything we take our rings... read more

Mindi D. Avatar
Mindi D.

Our first experience with Cornelis was in 2002 when my husband Peter surprised me with a beautiful ring. It was the classic white gold ring where the diamond sets on top of a heart shaped trio of diamonds, the most unique ring I had ever seen. I still love it... read more

susan o. Avatar
susan o.

5 star ratingReally love everything I purchased here. Great customer serviceand knowledgeable staff. I first went there in 2001 and boughtseveral pieces. They still look wonderful. Highly recommendthis designer.

Marc S. Avatar
Marc S.

I have been using this jeweler for years and I love their original designs. Many are so simplistic that they yell classic and you know they will hold up over time. I have used their designs and I've had them make some of my own designs. Either... read more

Helene D. Avatar
Helene D.

It means so much to have a wedding ring for my wife that no one else in the world has! It also matters, too, to have people who are so utterly pleasant to deal with, as Walter and the entire staff has been on every occasion I've worked with them.... read more

Britt B. Avatar
Britt B.

5 star ratingI love the creativity and quality of the jewelry that they design in this shop. I have bought several pieces over many years. They are always the first jewelry store we go to when we want something new or a gift.

Susanne B. Avatar
Susanne B.