unique engagement ring

5 star ratingGreat quality, talented artist, his staff is wonderful. Came all the way out from orange County California for the special designed ring. It's perfect. Love my dream ring!

Jo C. Avatar
Jo C.

I lost a ring that was a meaningful gift from my boyfriend. After debating, I contact Cornelis Hollander to have it remade. Tina was extremely helpful, she found the information on the ring immediately, told me it would take 3 weeks, but somehow they did it much faster. Tina was... read more

Dagmara S. Avatar
Dagmara S.

5 star ratingI Traveled from California to look to see this collection, I was so impressed with the quality and service I was provided I can't say enough about the amazing experience that I had there. I plan to go back and continue adding to my collection. It was worth the trip... read more

Maureen H. Avatar
Maureen H.

I had an excellent experience with this company. Tina helped me each step of the way and answered all my questions quickly and thoroughly. I was so impressed with all her suggestions and the process exceeded all my expectations. It was shipped and arrived next day too! My ring is... read more

Kendra H. Avatar
Kendra H.

5 star ratingReally love everything I purchased here. Great customer service
and knowledgeable staff. I first went there in 2001 and bought
several pieces. They still look wonderful. Highly recommend
this designer.

Marc S. Avatar
Marc S.

My Wife and I have been customers of this fine custom jewelry store for many years. They have unique designs at very good prices. They will also make a custom setting for you if you have your own stone, whether it be a diamond or another type. ... read more

Phillip W. Avatar
Phillip W.

5 star ratingI love this store. I was able to get my rings cleaned, polished and looking brand spanking new within one hour. I had my wedding ring repurposed into a 25th wedding anniversary ring. I can't stop looking at it. My husband bought me a beautiful necklace... read more

Kathy W. Avatar
Kathy W.

Excellent jewelry designer and the best quality. I had them make my wedding ring years ago and it is still unusual and perfect today. I always get loads of compliments.

Roberta M. Avatar
Roberta M.

Our first experience with Cornelis was in 2002 when my husband Peter surprised me with a beautiful ring. It was the classic white gold ring where the diamond sets on top of a heart shaped trio of diamonds, the most unique ring I had ever seen. I still love it... read more

susan o. Avatar
susan o.