unique engagement ring
Amazing designs and professional artists. Their jewelry is one of a kind.
I get compliments of every piece I wear that they created.
Judy S. Avatar
Judy S.
I have been a customer for over 20 years. Quality custom designs from a lovely family owned jewelry store. They go the extra mile to make certain their clients are happy!
Tammy E. Avatar
Tammy E.
Lovely people. Tina was very nice. Ultimately i went somewhere else but they have a beautiful selection of jewelry.
Allison W. Avatar
Allison W.
5 star ratingWalter capably manages the family business and its tradition of personalized service and exquisite jewelry. It was a pleasure to work with Walter. His dad would be proud.
Eric W. Avatar
Eric W.
5 star ratingI love it here. They have amazing pieces and they are beautiful. I get a ton of oohs and ahhh from my ring. Just what every lady loves! I highly recommend it.
Dawn W. Avatar
Dawn W.
5 star ratingLove my ring designed by Cornelis Hollander. I get asked all the time about it. We live in NJ and I sent my diamonds down to Arizona safely to be mounted in my amazing setting. Every time I visit Scottsdale I go in and just may be buying another piece... read more
Cindy K. Avatar
Cindy K.
My Wife and I have been customers of this fine custom jewelry store for many years. They have unique designs at very good prices. They will also make a custom setting for you if you have your own stone, whether it be a diamond or another type. ... read more
Phillip W. Avatar
Phillip W.
Their design are innovative and unique. They worked with us to design a custom setting that even today stands out and gets a lot of attention. Not for its size or flash (it isn't), but because of its simple yet bold design.
Michael T. Avatar
Michael T.
I have been a happy customer of Cornelis Hollander Designs for several years. Walter and his team are incredible to work with and turn out the most stunning jewelry. They never fail to impress with their unique designs and unmatchable quality. I refer them to everyone I possibly can. They... read more
Kayla F. Avatar
Kayla F.