budgeting for a spring wedding

Budgeting for a Spring Wedding

Spring is a wonderful time of year. The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and temperatures are rising without nearing summer’s triple-digits. Mother Nature has undoubtedly set the perfect backdrop for a spring wedding – especially an outdoor spring wedding. However, because spring also heralds the beginning of peak wedding season, it can be one of the more expensive seasons for exchanging rings. One look outside, though, and we’re sure that you’ll agree it’s worth the expenditure. Plus, like with all things, there are ways to ensure you have a spring wedding without breaking the bank.

Here are some ideas for budgeting for a spring wedding.

The Venue

There’s a reason more Phoenicians venture outside during spring than at any other time of year: milder temperatures. Deciding on an outdoor wedding is not only cost-effective but spending time in nature has been proven to have calming effects that can be helpful come the big day. Make sure to check the weather report in advance and, if needed or desired, rent a tent to guarantee your and your guests’ comfort. Lighting can also be rented if you’re hosting an evening wedding.

The Flowers

The cost of flowers is highly dependent on the types of flowers you want and whether they are in bloom where you live. In Phoenix, marigolds, sunflowers and zinnias are in full bloom, making them an economical choice. These flowers are also bright and cheerful – perfect for a spring wedding. Other affordable floral options include carnations and baby’s breath. Try to buy local to a) eliminate the expense of shipping and b) to support small businesses in your community.

The Reception Food

Couples can choose from many different serving options for the reception: buffet, sit-down, family-style, mini food stations, and even food trucks. Whether you choose a traditional option, like a sit-down or buffet-style dinner, or a more recent trend such as a mini food station or food truck, you’ll save money by creating a menu that celebrates the season. That means using in-season produce, offering refreshing fruit-infused water, and serving colorful mini desserts.

The Decorations and Colors

Spring is alive with color. Whether you gravitate towards soft, cool hues or dark, rich shades, there is no shortage of color options to choose from during spring. You can even opt for winter or summer palettes. For the décor, choose fresh flowers, greenery and other natural materials. Supplement your floral decorations with paper flowers in a variety of colors. Pinterest has some great ideas for accomplishing this look. You can even buy pre-made paper flowers on Etsy.

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