Celebrating Love Any Day

Celebrating Love Any Day

Love is in the air on Valentine’s Day, one of America’s most popular holidays. More than half the American population celebrates by sending, jewelry greeting cards, flowers, candy, or other gifts to loved ones. Some prefer staying at home with their significant others while enjoying romantic dinners together. These are just three of the most common ways people celebrate this special day of spending time, showing how much they care about one another.

Who doesn’t love a good love story? Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love and affection. But where did this holiday come from, and what are the stories behind it? Even though we celebrate this loving holiday, there isn’t a traceable history of this day.

What do you really know about Valentine’s Day?

Like every other story concerning the holiday, the following are not historically attested.

Across the world and in many forms, Valentine’s Day or St Valentine’s Day is celebrated by giving gifts, cards, and flowers in the name of the Christian Saint Valentine on February the 14th. According to legend, at least three different Christian saints named Valentine or Valentinus were considered martyrs because they kept marrying young couples in secret. Even though the Roman Emperor Claudius the second had banned young men from getting married because they were the best soldiers, he preferred them unwed.

Another story states the first Valentine greeting given to another was done by a priest named Valentine. In prison, he fell in love with a young woman, and before his death, he wrote her a note and ended it with “from your Valentine,” a saying still in use today. Whatever the true story is behind these legends, they all concern themselves with romantic notions, something that has survived to the modern-day.

The first mention of Valentine’s Day in writing appears circa 1382. In the Parliament of the Fowls written by the English poet Geoffrey Chaucer. The Parliament of the Fowls relates the tale of the birds’ mating ritual on St. Valentine’s Day. He explains how the eagles are at the top of the social ladder, and they had to choose first before others could select their mates. The three male Eagles argue over who will have the hand of the fair female until Mother Nature gets tired of all this talk and asks the female which of the three she would choose. She says she will have none of them and will wait until next year. The rest of the birds rejoice because they can finally express their love and choose a mate.

Chaucer presents the observance of Valentine’s Day as if his audience would already be acquainted with it, even though it was never written down before his poem. This has led scholars to believe that Chaucer actually invented Valentine’s Day, and his poetry of love, courtship, and meeting established the themes for the modern holiday.

The central image of Valentine’s Day, the heart, and the winged Cupid comes from Rome. Cupid was the son of Mercury, the messenger god, and Venus, the goddess of love. He was envisioned as a winged baby with a bow whose arrows would inspire love in anyone he struck. In the 14th century, a Christian artist began depicting the pagan Cupid as a Christian Angel. And by the early 19th century CE, baby Cupid with his bow and arrow symbolizing love began appearing on Valentine’s Day cards. Since the 19th century, the holiday has only become more popular. It is now one of the most widely observed holidays in the world in whatever form that may take.

Valentine’s day is celebrated worldwide with Jewelry, flowers, chocolates, and romantic gestures.

One way Valentine’s day is celebrated is with the exchanging of gifts. It’s a time when people can express their love for one another by giving presents, anything from flowers and chocolates to jewelry and clothes.

For many people, it’s a day to spend time with their loved ones and enjoy each other’s company. But, whether you’re single or in a relationship, Valentine’s day is unique, whether you are celebrating yourself or someone else.

Remember, you can show your love any day of the year! Here are some ideas on how to do that:

  • Write a love note and leave it for your loved one.
  • Make a special meal for them.
  • Give them a big unexpected hug.
  • Do something nice for them you don’t normally do, like taking the dog for a walk or doing the grocery shopping.
  • Tell them how much you appreciate them.
  • And of course jewelry is always a great way to celebrate love.

No matter what you do to celebrate love, it’s sure to make your loved one feel special. So go ahead and show your love today!

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