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Fall in Love with These Diamond Engagement Rings

Crisp air and vibrant colors can mean only one thing, that it is officially Autumn! That means it is time to enjoy your favorite seasonal activities. Autumn is the time of year for pumpkin spice everything, to wear your favorite cozy sweaters, support local farmers by picking apples or pumpkins, and witness changing leaves.

This year, the Autumnal Equinox took place on Thursday, September 22. Also known as the September or fall equinox, the duration of day and night were almost equal, marking the beginning of fall and the start of shorter days and longer nights.

The season’s beauty mixed with cooler weather makes it incredibly enchanting, not to mention an ideal time to propose to your significant other. According to The Knot, “nearly 40 percent of all engagements occur between November and February,” which translates to the fall through spring seasons (Hanlon, 2020).

Here are some diamond engagement rings to fall in love with this season.


Radiating beauty from every angle, the Talud diamond engagement ring features a round brilliant-cut diamond in a four-prong setting, along with a diamond-encrusted arch slid between two remarkably raised shoulders. This custom design symbolizes the bridge between two people, formed by love and commitment, along with the sound structure of marriage to allow for an ever-deepening connection. In addition, the Talud and other diamond engagement rings can be customized with your choice of precious metal and gemstone.


The Spiraal engagement ring is a mesmerizing design of curves, diamonds, and metal. A setting inspired by the complexity of the galaxies orbiting around a single point, this ring features a round brilliant-cut diamond, with a band of accent diamonds curving around the center stone. There is a hidden connection between the two sides, allowing the diamond to be securely mounted in a channel setting, just as your enduring relationship offers a shelter that defies space and time.


The Ontwerp engagement ring is an authentic creator’s innovation designed to call forth the artist within each of us. It features a four-pronged head that falls to the finger and is connected to a raised band, with accent diamonds, showcasing the princess-cut center stone. The intention is to allow the wearer to bring their ideas to life by creating a unique setting. Its design can also include a custom-made wedding band that slides through the middle. It evokes the intention that your life together can be a work of art, built on a foundation of love, artistry, and commitment.

Custom Diamond Engagement Rings  

Get started designing a personalized masterpiece with Cornelis Hollander’s world-renowned designer by phone, email, or in-person at our Old Town Scottsdale jewelry store. Consumers nationwide can purchase our custom-designed diamond engagement rings. We invite you to schedule a consultation to discuss your significant other’s unique lifestyle and design preferences today at (480) 432-5000.


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