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How to Choose a Wedding Band for the Engagement Ring

Choosing a wedding band is even more important than choosing an engagement ring. The engagement ring may be a symbol of the start of your journey, but the wedding band is what solidifies it for all the joyous years to come. Picking a unique engagement ring, believe it or not, is the easy part. What can be difficult is finding the perfect wedding band to match or complement the engagement ring you already have. You will be wearing both the wedding band and engagement ring together for the rest of your life so it is important that you pair the two in a special way.


There are many different elements that make up an engagement ring that will help you determine what kind of wedding band is best for you. Shape, size, color and overall styles of the engagement ring are all things you want to pay close attention to. Once you better understand the qualities of your engagement ring, you will have a better idea of what wedding band you want.


You could choose a plain, bare metal wedding band or go with a wedding band that matches the engagement ring perfectly, including the diamonds. You also have to choose whether or not you want a little space separating the engagement ring and wedding band, or if you want them sealed together. Most people decide to either complement the engagement ring or match it perfectly and some like the idea of mismatching to make the rings look even more unique. A perfect match would mean that the wedding band looks almost exactly the same as the engagement ring including the color, shape, and the amount of diamonds making it seamless. A wedding band that compliments the engagement ring might only have some or just one matching element, but it will still make both rings a flattering pair.


Even though your options are limitless, there is no perfect way to find the perfect pair. If you happen to stumble across a wedding band that looks totally different than the engagement ring but you fall in love with how they look together, so be it!

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