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How to Choose an Engagement Ring Setting

Congratulations on taking the next step in your relationship – proposing marriage! Selecting a unique engagement ring setting should be the first thing you cross off your checklist when shopping for an engagement ring. The setting should even be chosen before the stone. Here are four popular engagement ring settings for you to consider.

Four Popular Engagement Ring Settings

Prong Setting

This setting compliments solitaire diamonds very nicely. In this setting, four to six metal prongs grip the center stone, securely fastening it in place. Prongs can be button, clawed, or V-shaped. Minimal metal use lends itself to a diamond that looks much larger than it is. It also adds to a diamond’s brilliance. Most diamond cut can be secured in this setting.

Pavé (pa-vay) Setting

The pavé setting is encrusted with very small diamonds that generally circle a larger, more pronounced center stone. The diamonds used in this setting are, on average, 0.1 to 0.2 carats. These stones can either go around the whole band in a full-pavé or stop halfway around it, in a half pavé. They are secured using beads or prongs. Round brilliant or princess cut diamonds are both good choices for center stones in a pavé setting.

Tension Setting

In a tension setting, also known as an invisible setting, the band opens to a beautiful center stone that is held in place by the pressure exerted from the open ends of the ring. One of the greatest advantages to a tension setting is that it showcases the whole diamond; no additional metal is used. Consider a round of emerald-cut diamond if going with a tension setting.

Halo Setting

In a halo setting, the center stone is surrounded by smaller, micro pavé diamonds. This setting provides the illusion that smaller diamonds are much larger than they may be. A halo setting allows you to smaller carat weight without sacrificing the overall appearance of the ring. Halos are often paired with a pavé band. You can also custom design a double halo setting. Any diamond cut is a great compliment to a halo setting.

Selecting the Perfect Setting

Prong, pavé, tension, or halo. These are just four of the many options available for engagement ring settings. Because some settings may be a better fit than others, it is always a good idea to consider your significant other’s stylistic preferences, as well as their lifestyle.

For example: If your significant other is the athletic type, a pavé or halo setting may be best, especially since the diamond is secured by smaller diamonds. The wedding band is another consideration to account for when selecting an engagement ring setting.

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