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How To Select the Perfect Center Stone

You’ve found that special someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, deciding to say those four magical words, but first, you need to find the perfect engagement ring. That is where a custom jewelry designer can help. Our designers can help you choose the perfect center stone, setting, and metal that matches your significant other’s unique style preferences. The first step? Selecting the ideal center stone by considering the following factors.

Choose a Carat Weight

One of the most crucial decisions that should be made early in the center stone selection process is choosing the size or, more accurately, carat weight, which is suitable for your significant other’s lifestyle and budget. That’s because carat weight can directly influence the price and other elements, as it is a measurement of the stone’s weight, potentially impacting your budget. An award-winning custom jewelry designer can provide size recommendations based on the stone type and ring setting.

Determine Shape and Cut

While the terms cut and shape are often used interchangeably, the former refers to how the stone’s facets interact with light to achieve the coveted, eye-catching sparkle that diamonds are known for providing the wearer with. In contrast, shape describes the silhouette of a gemstone and can impact cut; therefore, it should always be among the first factors considered when designing a custom engagement ring. Some popular shapes include round, oval, princess, emerald, heart, pear, and marquise.

Narrow Down Your Gemstone Options 

Cornelis Hollander offers a vast selection of high-quality, durable gemstones, from diamonds and moissanite to sapphires and rubies. Once you’ve narrow down your options and decided on a gem, it will be painstakingly set into the setting by a trusted, professional stone setter. Alternatively, suppose you have loose stones or heirloom jewelry that you would like to incorporate into the design. In that case, a custom jewelry designer can perfectly set them into the setting of your choosing.

Meet with a Custom Jewelry Designer

Cornelis Hollander has been in the business of making memories for more than 30 years. Our award-winning designer jewelry is flawlessly engineered with stunningly bold and sharp lines to carve out a meaningful and timeless story that your significant other will treasure throughout your journey together.

A custom jewelry designer handcrafts all engagement and wedding rings during our jewelry design process. We are also happy to transform heirloom pieces into something new and impressive. All designs are exclusive, memorable, and personal because they are made uniquely for the wearer.

Design a personalized masterpiece with Cornelis Hollander’s world-renowned designer by phone or in-person at our Old Town Scottsdale jewelry store. Our custom designs are available for both Valley residents and for those who live out of state. We invite you to schedule a consultation today at (480) 423-5000.

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