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How to Wear Your Engagement and Wedding Rings

As the big day draws closer, you may be wondering how to wear multiple rings, particularly your engagement ring and wedding band. While it ultimately depends on personal preference, we have included information on the origin of the ring finger, as well as how to wear your rings below.

Origin of the Ring Finger

We can trace the ring finger’s roots to ancient times. Legend has it that the Romans believed in the existence of the Vena Amoris or “Vein of Love.”

They held that this vein ran directly from the fourth finger on the left hand to the wearer’s heart, thus connecting the bride and groom, forever.

The ring finger, as it was later called, has since been adopted through the ages as the place to wear the wedding ring.

The Engagement Ring on Top

Keeping with tradition, you would layer the engagement ring on top of the wedding ring, so that the later remains close to your heart.

You have a couple of options for removing your engagement ring before the ceremony.

First, you can switch your sparkler to your right hand, slipping it back on the left hand on the way to the reception. The second option is to store your engagement ring somewhere safe until later.

The Wedding Ring/Band on Top

Wearing the rings in the order received – engagement ring first, then wedding band – is gaining popularity in the United States.

Some people prefer this stacking order because the wedding ring solidifies the promise your fiancé made by putting an engagement ring on your finger.

The engagement ring is a symbol of your and your partner’s love and dedication, whereas, the wedding ring is a symbol of your devotion and commitment for one another.

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