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Necklace Lengths: It’s All in the Name

Are you considering a designer necklace? Whether you’re buying jewelry for yourself or as a gift, the first step is deciding which necklace lengths will look best on you, or the lucky recipient. From there, you can choose from a wide variety of chain styles, precious metals, and optional features such as pendants, beads, or gemstones. To get you started, here are six necklace lengths that are sure to please.

It’s All In The Name

Collar: 12 to 14 inches

A necklace measuring 14 inches or less is known as a collar or high neck. This necklace is placed tightly around the neck and best worn with open-neck clothing (e.g., scoop necks, V-necks, off-the-shoulder, and strapless).

Choker: 14 to 16 inches

Necklaces with lengths between 14 and 16 inches are called chokers. Chokers rest at the base of the neck on the neck bone. They can be work with almost any fashion style. Chokers may be custom designed with adjustable chains.

Princess: Usually 18 inches

One of the most popular sizes, princess necklaces feature an 18-inch chain that hits just below the collarbone; it’s best for attaching a diamond or gemstone pendant. This necklace is versatile; it can be worn with every outfit.

Matinee: 20 to 25 inches

A 20- to 25-inch chain that is a popular length for layering, created by wearing two to four necklaces at a time for a look that draws attention. Matinee necklaces fall below the collarbone. They are great for business and casual wear.

Opera: 26 to 36 inches

Hangs below the bust and is long enough to wear as a single strand, or wrapped or knotted to create the illusion of a double-strand, can also be used for layering. Beautifully accentuates business and evening wear.

Rope: 37 inches and longer

The rope length can be worn in several ways (e.g., wrapped, layered or knotted) for a sophisticated, yet elegant look. The beauty of this necklace length is that it can smoothly go from the office to the restaurant.

A Perfect Match

Consider the shape of your face when choosing necklaces. Like necklace lengths, there are six main types of face shapes: round, square, diamond, heart, oval, and rectangular. Of the six, oval and diamond face shapes perfectly complement all necklace lengths, allowing for a wide variety of style choices. Heart and rectangular are best paired with collars and chokers and round face shapes to operas and ropes.

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