If this ring could talk

If this ring could talk …

If this ring could talk …

It would tell you a story of romance and commitment – of “for better or for worse.” It would tell you a story that takes place on a good day in November, when a boy met a girl. Seeing her in a crowded room and mustering up something to say. Of how he was awkward, but how she laughed at his jokes and liked him anyway. It would tell you of first dates, second dates, and first vacations and how nervous he felt when he met her parents. It would tell you of nights out and mornings in, and learning about her favorite places to take walks together.

This ring would tell you about the day he asked her father’s permission and feeling afterward like they shared a secret. You’d hear about how much he wanted to find the perfect ring and quietly sneaking one out of her drawer to determine her ring size. This ring would tell you about another day, sitting hot in his pocket, commiserating about the right time to ask. How he carried it around for weeks, waiting for the perfect moment. It would tell you that she cried when she said “yes” and how he felt like his heart might just fly out of his chest.

This ring would tell you of a bright day in June when they joined together to walk towards a shared future. How his heart stopped as she walked towards him and the unforgettable smiles on the faces of their family and friends. Of the love he felt then and and the love he feels now. This ring has held hands and warmed hearts. It has rubbed tired shoulders and held crying babies. A witness to their moments, and a steady, shining reminder of the days they’ve shared. If this ring could talk, it would tell the story of the love of his life.

Our custom diamond engagement rings tell your stories with timeless beauty. They are symbols of your love, energy, and commitment for one another, then, now, and for years to come. Cornelis Hollander Jewelry has been in the business of making memories for more than 30 years and is honored to be part of your journey together. From engagement rings to wedding bands, anniversary gifts, and just to say “I love you” – we have the perfect ring to tell your story. Schedule a meeting today with one of our expert designers and begin your life together.

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