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Your Future Bride Will Love These Unique Diamond Engagement Rings

You’ve found the one who you wish nothing more than to begin your “happy ever after” with. Now it’s time to find a unique diamond engagement ring to solidify your commitment. Award-winning jewelers, Cornelis Hollander, offers an extensive selection of unique diamond engagement rings that you can customize, personalize, or both.


[kair veh] verb – to work as a sculptor or engraver

When it comes to unique diamond engagement rings, the KERVEN is a top contender. It is a brilliant and edgy ring that emphasizes the marquee-cut gemstone’s natural shape. It features an M-shaped bar, which runs through the middle of the ring, and two substantial V-tip prongs protect the center stone. This ring calls forth your poignant commitment and razor-sharp dedication, growing stronger with time.



[krohm-eh] verb – to bend into a curve or cause to be in the shape of an arch

The eye-catching curl of a wave struck inspiration for this flowing and asymmetric setting. The emerald-cut gemstone lies within the ring’s body and is surrounded by two channels of accent diamonds in round and princess-cuts. Its unique design evokes the depth of your commitment and the cresting wave that propels you towards a shared future.



[awn t-wairp] noun – organization or structure of formal elements in a work of art

The princess cut diamond at the center of this ring is undoubtedly stunning. Further complementing the design is the round-cut diamonds that are channel set halfway and run across each of the V-shaped prongs. The ring can also be designed with a custom-made wedding band that elegantly slides through the middle. It evokes the intention that your life together can be a work of art built on a foundation of love, artistry, and commitment.


Award-Winning Scottsdale Jewelers

Cornelis Hollander has been in the business of making memories for more than 30 years. Our award-winning diamond rings and designer jewelry is flawlessly engineered with bold, beautiful, and sharp lines that either you or the lucky recipient will treasure forever.

We can also transform heirloom jewelry into a more modern design reflecting your significant other’s personality and fashion style.

As Scottsdale jewelers – conveniently located in Old Town Scottsdale – we are happy to consult with our clients to create unique diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, or other jewelry pieces. We are available by phone at (480) 423-5000, sales@cornelishollander.com, or in-person during store hours.

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